What is the best way to contact you?

Instagram Direct Messages are NOT the best way to reach us. Since we receive hundreds of DMs a day, we advise to send an email. We answer emails Monday - Friday. Please feel free to email us with any issues, questions, comments or concerns you might have at backstitchbruja@gmail.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

What is your turnaround time?

Pre-Orders take about 13-14 weeks to make, process and ship. Ready to ship sales take 7-10 business days to process and ship. A business day does not include the day of your purchase, weekend nor holidays. Production begins the Monday after the presale ends.


Where can I locate my tracking number?
Once your order is processed, a shipping confirmation email will be sent out with a tracking number. Processing time takes about 7-10 business days unless its a PREORDER, which takes 13-14 weeks.

Why is everything SOLD OUT? Whens the next restock?

Since we’re a very small team, we push out products in waves known as "Shop Drops." We usually have sales every first Friday of the month at 9am PST.

Yes, we always restock our items. Since we work from home our space is limited but our items are never limited edition. Sign up for our newsletter to be notified of upcoming sales and/or sign up for the individual item you're looking for to receive a text or email alert. This could take a few days, weeks or months. Since we don't have a warehouse to house everything 365, our inventory rotates throughout the year. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.


I added an item to my cart but it sold out upon checkout, why?

Even though all items are handmade, if not by me, by my manufacturers, they are all accounted for. I wouldn't want to oversell an item and come to find the fabric is no longer available or our manufacturers can’t remake it in a timely manner. If multiple people add the same item to their cart, the first person to checkout gets the item. Its not necessarily the first person that adds the item to their cart. There are NO CART HOLDS.

Can I have my order shipped out in time for my trip?

No, rush delivery is not available.


Can I order multiple of one bag?

Due to resellers our bags are limited two of one style per person. Multiple orders will be cancelled automatically without notice.


Will my item look exactly as the picture?
Since everything is handmade, there is no guarantee that a certain element, stitch or pattern will be perfectly centered on each item. Every item slightly varies in placement, stitch work and size.


Does your clothing run true to size?

To avoid you being unsatisfied with any apparel, please refer to our size chart per item and measure yourself accordingly. Due to Covid-19, for sanitary purposes ALL SALES ARE FINAL!


Do you have an affiliate program?

Not at the moment.


Do you ship international? 

Yes. Cost varies by weight. Due to Brexit Shopify will no longer allow us to ship to the United Kingdom.

Is your brand cruelty free?

Yes! All our items are ethically made and cruelty free. All our items are custom designed, handmade in the States or imported from out of the country.


What do I do if my item arrived damaged

We strive to carefully inspect each item but something can slip by. Please, advise Store Policies and email me with any concerns at backstitchbruja@gmail.com


Your stuff is so expensive! Do you ever have sales?

Yes! Every year we have our Annual Perfectly Imperfect Sale on Small Shop Saturday. The Saturday after Black Friday we list our items at 30% off. These items did not pass our quality control and are slightly flawed. The flaws vary from sticky zippers, missing pockets, unaligned stitch work, upside down labels to minor flaws like sloppy paint and scratches. 

Can I exchange or get a refund my item?
Check our Store Policy for more information on returns and/or exchanges.