Sold out!? When’s the next restock?

Hello brujas!

Why is everything sold out? When’s the next restock? These are the top two questions we receive all the time!! The reason why everything is always sold out is because we’re a small business working from home. We don’t have a store front or a warehouse. Since our space is limited, so is our stock but never limited edition.

Our ready to ship sales are called “Shop Drops.” These drops usually happen every first Friday of the month at 9am PST. Our turnaround time for Shop Drops is 7-10 business days. All of our items rotate throughout the year. We announce what will be available on Instagram. All of our merchandise is custom designed, cruelty free, handmade and ethically sourced. Our ethically sourced items are also made by hand by other small businesses we collaborate with.

Since our items are not mass produced, we sell out pretty quickly. If you missed out on anything don’t stress! We always conduct presales throughout the year to reorder customer favorites. Preorders usually take about 13 weeks and happen January through July. Hope this cleared up any confusion and gave an in depth look into our shop. Thank you all so much for your support. Stay spooky!